About Us

三藩市東風書店 EASTWIND BOOKS & ARTS, INC. 書店位於美國舊金山,是現在美國最大的中文書店之一。書店成立于1978年,一直以來一直致力於提供海外同胞中國文化的輸入,書店主營圖書、音像製品、文房四寶等, 圖書則以銷售香港、台灣、大陸的中文書為主。書店每年都會舉行書展, 主要與上海外文圖書和厦门外图集团合作。我們的宗旨是為學校和圖書館提供優質便利的服務,在同業競爭中成為圖書館、學校首選的供應商。 EASTWIND BOOKS & ARTS, INC. was established in 1978 in San Francisco, one of the largest Chinese bookstores. We are the major books supplier to public libraries and school in bay area. We are specialized in selling Chinese books (Adults & Children), Chinese DVD, Hong Kong TVB & Korean Drama, Wushu Martial VCD and CD, Chinese-learning materials, Chinese calligraphy and painting supplies.We also co-operate with Shanghai Books Traders & Xiamen International Book Company to host the books fair at store every year. We are committed to providing the best service to School and Library.