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New Age Chinese-English Dictionary
Author: Wu, Jingrong
2000, Commercial Press, Beijing.

US $89.50

Chinese Synonym Dictionary
Author: Chen, Binzhao
1997, Yuwen Press, Beijing

US $10.95

Far East Illustrated English-Chinese Dictionary
Author: Group
The Far East Book Co., Ltd., Taiwan

US $22.50

Milet Bilingual Visual Dictionary (English-Chinese)
Author: Jean-Claude Corbeil; Ariane Archambault
Milet Publishing Ltd, London

US $29.95

A New English-Chinese Dictionary 《新英漢詞典(增訂本)》
Author: Group
Joint Publishing (H.K.) Co., Ltd., Hong Kong

US $45.00

Far East Practical English-Chinese Dictionary
Author: Liang, Shiqiou
The Far East Book Co., Ltd., Taiwan

US $34.00

Longman Active Study English-Chinese Dictionary
Author: Dr. Chan, Sin Wai
Pearson Education North Asia Limited, Hong Kong

US $49.50

Far East New Collegiate English-Chinese Dictionary
Author: Lin, Lianxiang
The Far East Book Co., Ltd., Taiwan

US $39.50

Chinese-English Dictionary of Modern Slang of China (Published and Printed in Hong Kong)
Author: Li, Shujuan; Yan ligang
Fai Feng Publishing Co., Hong Kong

US $12.95

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