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A New English-Chinese Dictionary 《新英漢詞典(增訂本)》
Description: With over 50,000 entries, together with the derivatives and compounds as run-ins, this dictioary has a total of more than 80,000 words, including the basisc vocabulary, general terms, scientific and technical terms, abbreviations and contractions, foreign words, geographical names, etc. Also contained in the entries are more than 14,000 idioms, nine appendices, such as the one on common British and American names. 1769 pages, 7.5"x5"x3", 2001 edition, hardcover --- 本詞典共收50,000餘詞條,連同列在詞條內的派生詞、複合詞,實際收詞80,000餘個(包括基本詞匯、一般詞匯、科技術語、縮略語、外來語、地名等)。並在各有關詞條內收入習語14,000餘條,詞目用國際音標注音。書末還有常見英美姓名,不規則動詞等附錄8個。這次增訂,除對正文的釋文和例證作了六百餘處修外,還編寫了一個《補遺》,附於正文之末。

Author: Group
Publisher: Joint Publishing (H.K.) Co., Ltd., Hong Kong
Year Published:
Listed: 12/17/2003

Price: US $45.00


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