A Practical Chinese Grammer


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ISBN: 9789622015951
Publisher: The Chinese University Press 中文大學出版社
Author: Hung-nin Samuel Cheung, Sze-yun Liu, Li-lin Shih
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The book is a comprehensive grammar handbook for teachers and students of the Chinese language. In fifty lessons, it examines both structural patterns and morphological features characteristic of Mandarin Chinese. It describes cultural idiosyncrasies in language use as well as disbursal strategies for forming sustained conversations. The scope and depth of the investigation make this Chinese grammar one of the most thorough pedagogical manuals written in English.

Designed for classroom use, the book is both descriptive and prescriptive in approach. It studies individual linguistic phenomena in great detail, delineating their grammatical and pragmatic applications. Patterns and rules are clearly marked for easy reference. Some of the specific subjects examined are word formation, word order, question formation, aspect marking, complement construction, the ba and bei sentence structures, and sentence conjunctions. The discussions are illuminated with ample and often humorous examples, some cast in dialogue form and some introduced through situational scenarios. Whenever necessary, anomalies and noted and ungrammatical usages are included for clarification. The book facilitates understanding of Chinese and provides the necessary foundation for further language pursuit. The investigation also contains discussions of controversial issues that my be of particular interest to those working in the areas of theoretical linguistics and second language acquisition.