As Time Goes By 好日子


主演: 黃智賢 (Ben Wong)、陳煒 (Alice Chan)、張達倫 (Max Cheung)、黃淑儀 (Gigi Wong)、李國麟 (Joseph Lee)、車婉婉 (Stephanie Che)、翟威廉 (William Chak)、朱敏瀚 (Brian Chu)、簡淑兒 (Jessica Kan)、余思霆 (Stitch Yu)、古明華 (Jerry Ku)
Release Date: 09/05/2019
Episodes: 20


Everyone has some story to tell. Some people choose to leave the past behind, while others just love to reminisce. Chai Man-shek (Max Cheung) – son of Chai Village village chief Chai Yik-tseung (Lee Kwok Lun), Chai Man-kei (Ben Wong) and Bin Wai-ching (Alice Chan) have been buddies since childhood. The two guys both fancy Wai-ching. Rewind thirty years to a Mid-Autumn Festival evening, Man-shek, Man-kei and Wai-ching get drunk and then engage in something that undermines family values. Their inappropriate behaviour is exposed. Man-kei, Wai-ching and Man-shek leave Chai Village and go their separate ways. Man-shek has even gone to Australia for good as he wants to forget everything that has happened. However, thirty years have passed and they are forced to face up to this long-buried incident as fate has brought them back together again.




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