Breakthrough – DP Chinese B Getting Started Guide 跨越——中文B学习入门指导


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ISBN: 9789620447600
Publisher: 三联书店
Author: 麦庭峯Martin Mak;王曦霞Xixia Wang;廖素玲Ivy Liu
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This book is particularly written for students who are studying or are about to study Chinese ab initio, Chinese BSL or BHL in IBDP. It aims to focus on the language and skills students need to perform with confidence in their IBDP Chinese ab initio / Chinese B exams.

Focusing on the four major language skills and the five themes in IBDP Chinese ab initio / Chinese B.
This book is organized in the four major language skills, namely listening, speaking, reading and writing, which are all assessed in the course. In each component, exercises from the five prescribed themes are set. It is convenient for all kinds of teaching schemes.

Three levels of difficulty for differentiation in teaching
The book offers exercises in three levels of difficulty, and this will be a great resource for teachers to do differentiation, especially in a mixed ability class.

A practical and easy-to-use guide to help students get started in IBDP Chinese ab initio / Chinese B
This guide is packed with solid advice students need to get started in the course. Apart from linguistic knowledge, students will develop their writing and speaking strategies with the help of the guiding questions. Exam techniques, common errors made by students will be pointed out.

本书是为正在或即将修读IBDP中文ab initio、BSL和BHL的学生所编写的入门指导,旨在帮助学生尽快适应课程要求,做好考试准备。





序章概说 Preface

第一章 课程概述 Chapter 1Course introduction

1.1 IBDP中文初级语言课程 IBDP Chinese ab initio

1.2 IBDP中文B课程 IBDP Chinese B

1.3 概念性理解与国际情怀 Conceptual understanding and international-mindedness

第二章 听力 Chapter 2 Listening

2.1 考试介绍 Component introduction

2.2 主题一:身份认同 Theme 1: Identities

2.3 主题二:体验 Theme 2: Experiences

2.4 主题三:人类发明创造 Theme 3: Human ingenuity

2.5 主题四:社会组织 Theme 4: Social organization

2.6 主题五:共享地球 Theme 5: Sharing the planet

第三章 阅读 Chapter 3 Reading

3.1 考试介绍 Component introduction

3.2 主题一:身份认同 Theme 1: Identities

3.3 主题二:体验 Theme 2: Experiences

3.4 主题三:人类发明创造 Theme 3: Human ingenuity

3.5 主题四:社会组织 Theme 4: Social organization

3.6 主题五:共享地球 Theme 5: Sharing the planet

第四章 写作 Chapter 4 Writing

4.1 考试介绍 Component introduction

4.2 主题一:身份认同 Theme 1: Identities

4.3 主题二:体验 Theme 2: Experiences

4.4 主题三:人类发明创造 Theme 3: Human ingenuity

4.5 主题四:社会组织 Theme 4: Social organization

4.6 主题五:共享地球 Theme 5: Sharing the planet

第五章 口语 Chapter 5 Speaking

5.1 考试介绍 Component introduction

5.2 图片描述(ab initio和SL适用) Visual stimulus description (ab initio / SL)

5.3 文学赏析(HL适用) Literary analysis (HL only)

5.4 综合讨论(ab initio、SL和HL适用) General discussion (ab initio / SL / HL)

附录 Appendix

附录一:参考答案 Appendix I: Answer key

附录二:录音稿 Appendix II: Recording scripts