Chinese A Literature Exemplary Essays (Paper 2) – IBDP中文A文学课程试卷(2)7分范文点评(简体版)


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ISBN: 9789620438776
Publisher: Joint Publishing (H.K.) Co. Ltd. / 三聯書店(香港)有限公司
Author: 李萍 Li Ping, 苏媛 Su Yuan
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本书为IBDP中文A文学课程书面作业及试卷(2)的备考实战宝典。编者精选了11 篇书面作业,每一篇均包括了反思陈述和论文两部分;同时,收入5种文体类型共计 18 篇试卷(2)的考生范文,并附有5份模拟试题。编者从前线老师和权威考官的角度,全面解析书面作业及试卷(2)的重点和难点,引导考生在评估中取得优秀成绩。

This book is a must-have for students preparing for IBDP Chinese A Literature course Written Assignment and Paper 2. The authors have carefully chosen 11 written assignments, each containing two parts, Reflective Statement and Essay. Also, the book provides readers with a total of 18 students’ exemplary Paper 2 essays in 5 literary genres. The authors have also carefully designed 5 mock exam papers. Both authors, as experienced IB educators and examiners, thoroughly interpreted the key points of Written Assignment and Paper 2, guiding students to achieve success in the course.

▲ 真正的考试题目:由真题入手,深入分析重点和难点,取得实战经验!

▲ 真正的7分范文:供考生借鉴写作思路、语体风格和笔法,提升临场答题能力!

▲ 真正的名师点评:IB名师为你点评,7分要诀在这里!


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