DP Chinese A Language and Literature Course Paper 1 Non-literary Contexts Exemplary Essays DP中文A语言与文学课程试卷(1)非文学文本分析七分范文点评


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ISBN: 9789620449123
Publisher: 三聯書店(香港)
Author: 季建莉Jianli Ji; 徐亮Liang Xu
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This book is a exemplary essays preparation book specifically designed for IBDP Chinese A language and literature course paper 1 (comments on non-literary contexts), which is compiled according to the new outline (the first examination in 2021). It selects 17 non-literary text types such as news reports, posters and magazine articles, and is equipped with exemplary essays and commentaries, aiming to assist students to master the key points of this section and prepare for the test successfully.

Pertinence:The selected articles come from real test papers over the years. The comments are closely related to the outline, which could comprehensively analyze the key points of the questions.

Practicability: Provide writing points and content organization suggestions for various text types to facilitate students” flexible application.