DP Chinese A Literature Course Literature Analysis Guide DP中文A文学课程文学分析指导


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ISBN: 9789620447327
Publisher: 三聯書店
Author: 吴星华Angela Wu
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本书是针对IBDP中文A文学课程试卷一(Paper 1)而编写的文学分析指导,旨在帮助学习者掌握不同文学文体的基础知识和鉴赏方法,从而顺利完成评估任务。

  • 紧扣大纲,内容选择灵活:紧扣大纲的教学要求,教师既可直接使用本书的教学方案,亦可对文本灵活替换和延伸。
  • 探究驱动,多维度探究:提供核心概念、全球性问题、探索领域等相关问题,展开小说、诗歌、散文、戏剧四种文体探究。
  • 讲练结合,助力学生备考:包含探究活动、学习者档案等练习,提供各文学文体的基本鉴赏方法,助力学生高效备考。

This book is specifically designed for the literary analysis and instruction of IBDP Chinese A Literature Course Exam Paper 1. It aims to assist learners to master basic knowledge and appreciation methods of different literary texts, so as to successfully complete the evaluation tasks.

  • Closely related to the outline, flexible to choose contexts: It is closely related to teaching requirements of the outline, and teachers could either directly use the teaching plans or flexibly replace and extend the contexts.
  • Based on inquiry methods: It provides core concepts, global issues, exploration areas and other related issues to explore four literature genres.
  • Combined teaching and practice to assist students to prepare for the exam: It contains various exercises and provides basic appreciation methods to help students prepare for the exam efficiently.