DP Chinese B Text Types Booklet(Simplified Character Version)DP中文B写作文体手册(简体版)


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ISBN: 9789620446412
Publisher: 三联
Author: 吴星华
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This book is all about writing guidelines for IBDP Chinese B, aiming to improve learner’s writing skills. It is written in both Chinese and English for better understanding.

Requirements of different readers, tones and formats of seventeen text types mentioned in the syllabus plus easy mistakes.

Suggestions of different writing contents based on different text types plus relevant frequently-used phrases and expressions.

Similar Chinese characters, synonyms, tables of conjunctive characters, meticulously-selected sentences from the five major topics.







Chapter 1 Text types

1.1 Diary

1.2 Blog

1.3 Personal letter

1.4 Formal letter

1.5 Email

1.6 Speech

1.7 Debate

1.8 Interview (dialogic interview)

1.9 Interview (summative interview)

1.10 News report

1.11 Article (newspaper, magazine)

1.12 Essay

1.13 Review

1.14 Personal statement

1.15 Set of instructions / manual

1.16 Brochure / leaflet / pamphlet

1.17 Oral report

Chapter 2 Key words

2.1 Similar Chinese characters

2.2 Synonyms

2.3 Correlative conjunctions

Chapter 3 Good sentences

3.1 Identities

3.2 Experiences

3.3 Human ingenuity

3.4 Social organization

3.5 Sharing the planet