DP Theory of Knowledge Course Study Guide DP认识论课程学习指导


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ISBN: 9789620447891
Publisher: 三聯書店
Author: 李康华; 郁锋; 陈圳; 陆晓媛; 俞慧林; 徐甲彬; 张墨谦; 邓小俐
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  • 结合大纲:以知识框架为工具,对核心主题、选修主题和知识领域进行深入探索。
  • 探究学习:精心设计富有意义的讨论活动和知识问题,启发学生的学习思路。
  • 联系现实:提供实例,鼓励学生以12个核心概念对知识进行深度比较和整体性反思。
  • 评估演练:解析评估标准,提供评估任务指引和相应练习。

 This textbook is specifically designed for the instruction of IBDP TOK course. It aims to explore the essential characteristics of knowledge, understand the differences and connections of different areas of knowledge, and assist learners to transcend the boundaries of various disciplines and realize interdisciplinary understanding by exploring the source of knowledge and the process of knowledge acquisition.

  • Closely related to the outline: Deeply explore the core theme, optional themes and areas of knowledge based on knowledge framework.
  • Inquiry-based study: Design meaningful discussion activities and knowledge questions to inspire learners’ study.
  • Connected to reality: Provide authentic cases to encourage learners to make in-depth comparison and overall reflection on knowledge with 12 concepts.
  • Corresponded to the evaluation: Illustrate evaluation criteria, provide task guidance and corresponding exercises.