Fates and Furies 운명과 분노 命運與憤怒


主演: Lee Min-jung (李珉廷) | Joo Sang-wook (朱相昱) | So Yi-hyun (苏怡贤) | Lee Ki-woo (李己雨)
Release Date: 2019
Episodes: 20


Even though Goo Hae-Ra (Lee Min-jung) is smart and beautiful, she is in a miserable situation because of her family. Her older sister attempted suicide and her father died. The only way she can escape her situation is with money. She approaches Tae In-Joon (Joo Sang-wook). He is the second son of a shoe company owner. Tae In-Joon falls in love with Goo Hae-Ra.



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