Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber 倚天屠龍記


主演: 陳鈺琪, 曾舜晞, 周海媚, 樊少皇
Release Date: 06/24/2019
Episodes: 50


Near the end of the Yuan Dynasty, different camps of fighters wreak havoc in the realm of combat. There are rumours about that the possessor of Dragon Slaying Saber and Heavenly Sword can become the invincible fighter, who has so much power that everyone must listen. Everything is shrouded in an aura of menace as fighters complete with each other in snatching Dragon Slaying Saber and Heavenly Sword. Under the circumstances, romances also blossom, but some hearts end up broken. Because of Dragon Slaying Saber, Wudang Sect Cheung Tsui-shan and Eagle Cult Yan So-so become lovers. Also for the same reason, righteous people eventually force the couple to commit suicide. When their son Cheung Mo-gei reaches adulthood, he somehow manages to perfect two styles of deadly combat, namely, Nine Yang energy skill and Heaven and Earth Great Shift. He also becomes the leader of Ming Cult.
Cheung Mo-gei has indecisive character. He is deeply in love with Yuan Dynasty Princess Chiu Man, Emei Sect Chow Chi-yeuk, younger cousin sister Yan Lei and housemaid Siu Chiu. However, Chow Chi-yeuk’s seemingly submissive personality hides her true scheming character. To get the secrets of Dragon Slaying Saber and Heavenly Sword, she deviously plots to kill Yan Lei and frame Chiu Man. Even thought Cheung Mo-gei finds out Chow Chi-yeuk’s true self, he keeps clinging to her. Cheung Mo-gei manages to resolve all kinds of conflicts among fighters. He then resigns as cult leader. He and Chiu Man go to Mongolia to start a new life. However, Chow Chi-yeuk, Siu Chiu and Yan Lei are still on his mind.



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