IBDP Chinese A Literature Course Study Guide(2nd Edition) (Traditional Character Version)IBDP中文A文学课程指导(第二版)(繁体版)(上、下册)


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ISBN: 9789620441080
Edition: 2
Publisher: 三聯書店
Author: 董寧
Books: 2
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This book is authorized to be published by IBO and it is based on the latest guidelines for the IB Diploma Program. This book gives a comprehensive introduction to philosophy, purpose, basic content and requirements of the International IB Diploma Program.


Book Content:

Part 1 IBDP Chinese A Literature Course Overview 國際文憑大學預科項目中文A文學課程概述
Part 2 Appreciation and Comment on Different Literary Works 不同文體作品的賞析與評論
Part 3 Appreciation of Film and Literature 電影與文學的賞析評論

Part 4 Comparative Analysis of the Works of Same Style 相同文體作品的比較分析
Part 5 Cross-cultural Interpretation of Translated Literary Works 翻譯文學作品的跨文化解讀

Part 6 Interpretation of Literary Classics 文學經典的跨時代解讀