IGCSE 0509 Mock Papers IGCSE 0509真题模拟卷


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ISBN: 9789620449437
Publisher: 三聯書店(香港)
Author: 杨丹Joyce Yang
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本书是剑桥国际考试中文第一语言(IGCSE 0509)的考试模拟卷(共六套),每套模拟卷均包含试卷一(阅读、回应概括性写作、文言文)和试卷二(写作),严格按照最新大纲(2020年首次考试)及考卷要求而编写,适用于学生自测与学校模考。 1.备考冲刺:试题类型与难度契合实战标准,帮助考生及时了解自身水平。 2.简繁同册:每套试卷均有简体版和繁体版,可供考生自主选填。 3.附赠资源:提供每套试卷的参考答案、解题指引及范文,可免费获取。 This book is mock papers (6 sets in total) for IGCSE 0509 (Chinese as first language), each set includes Paper 1 (Reading, Directed Writing, Classical Chinese), and Paper 2 (Writing), which are compiled strictly following the latest syllabus (first exam in 2020) and paper requirement, and suitable for students’ self-exams and school mock exams. 1. Preparation leading up to the exam: Highly simulated, helping candidates understand their own level. 2. Simplified & Traditional Character Versions: Each set is provided in both simplified and traditional character versions, which is available for candidates to choose from. 3. Attached resources: Provide free reference answers, guide and model essays for each set of papers. Digital resources: