Illustrated Dictionary of Chinese Acupuncture (Chinese – English) 中國針灸學圖解辭典 (中英對照)


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ISBN: 9789620602870
Publisher: 書業出版(香港)有限公司, 中國人民衛生出版社
Author: 張瑞馥, 吳秀芬, 王升艾
Cover: Hardcover
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The Illustrated Dictionary of Chinese Acupuncture, a joint effort by Chinese and American academicians, is a collection of over 1,300 common acupuncture terms. This dictionary is the first ever published bilingual acupuncture dictionary of its kind, and it includes acupuncture points, methods, and instruments as well as terms of cupping, moxibustion and traditional Chinese medical anatomy.
All entries in the dictionary are presented in Chinese and accurately translated English, to encourage a thorough understanding of there terms by both Chinese and English-speaking readers.



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