My Life As Loan Shark 街坊財爺


主演: 鄭則仕(Kent Cheng)、苑瓊丹(Yuen King Tan)、黎諾懿(Lai Lok Yi)、黃智雯(Mandy Wong)、邵美琪(Maggie Shiu)、吳業坤(James Ng)、許家傑(Jack Hui)、姜麗文(Lesley Chiang)、袁文傑(Andrew Yuen)、黃嘉樂(Stephen Wong)
Release Date: 10/22/2019
Episodes: 25
Format: NTSC All Region


Tai Kam-chai (Kent Cheng), aka Loan Shark, is a gangster style money lender who uses some dodgy debt collection method. Even though his wife Rose Chu (Maggie Shiu) keeps persuading him to quit, he has no regrets about what he is doing. Police Inspector Ching Yue-sum (Lai Lok Yi) has been keeping his eye on Kam-chai’s flagrant business and debt collection activities. Yue-sum has a righteous character and despises wrongdoers. He is determined to bring the villains to justice. On a certain day, amid thunderous lightning, Kam-chai abandons his ruthless ways as he is moved by some heavenly enlightenment. He uses his wealth to make contributions to the community and eventually transforms into Everybody’s Generous Papa.