Nourishing Soups for Kids 兒童保健湯水

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A bowl of soup that has been boiled for a long time is saturated with the essence of various ingredients or herbs. It is delicious and sweet, but also contains a mother’s love. Soup is always served piping hot, which is heart-warming and brings happiness to the family.
In soups, different ingredients or herbs can help supplement the nutrients needed on a daily basis, and there is no need to worry about side effects. Soup is considered the most effective and convenient health tonic.
Mothers can cook nourishing soups suitable for their children according to their physical condition, so that they can develop good physique. This book contains 50 soup recipes carefully prepared by Grace Tan and her sister Krystene Tan, which include soups that can relieve cough, cold, flu, heatiness eczema and etc., as well as brain development and immune boosting soups.
The ingredients for the soup recipes in this book are easily available. There are quick boiled soups, slow boiled soups and even slow cooker soups. There soups are sweet and aromatic without the strong scent of traditional Chinese medicine which will definitely entice children to drink more.


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