Police Tactical Unit 2019 PTU機動部隊


主演: 楊 明、蔡思貝、張達倫、伍富橋、楊潮凱、李璧琦、陳榮峻、袁文傑、陳庭欣、胡渭康
Release Date: 06/23/2019
Episodes: 4


To celebrate the Hong Kong Police reaching the milestone of 175th anniversary, this cinematic drama has been produced with the generous support of the Hong Kong Police Force to let members of the general public learn about police operations. It also reveals how police officers are encouraged to take pride in their work, be loyal to the police force and be accountable to fellow Hongkongers with the ultimate aim of maintaining a righteous image of the Hong Kong Police Force. This drama also zooms in on police officers’ interpersonal issues regarding colleagues, friends, romance and family. The real-life scenarios are surely to let viewers have thorough understanding of the demanding aspects of being members of the Hong Kong Police Force.



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