Skillful Recipes for Novice Cooks 新手入廚做好餸


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ISBN: 9789621469885
Publisher: 萬里機構
Author: Forms Kitchen編輯委員會


For the kitchen novice, slicing meat, making a sauce, mincing shrimp and deboning chicken all sound intimidating.

To acquire cooking skills, you can turn to master chefs for a tip. But you may also simply add this cookbook to your repertoire as a useful reference. Follow the steps and familiarize yourself with the tips. Practice more and you’d grasp the gist of it. You’d also build the confidence to cook for your loved ones. Imagine them waking up to the divine smell of freshly baked homemade palmiers or black sesame layered cake on the weekends. Just take it easy and relish the joy of cooking with your friends and family.

Make it your resolution this your-learn one recipe a day, be it a snack, a home-style stir-fry, a Western dessert, or a Chinese sweet. You sure would have garnered the skills of the masters by the end of the year.





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