Soups to Soothe Common Ailments 急救湯水


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Wile minor physical ailments may not require medical consultation, it may affect daily activities to varying degrees, and even negatively impact emotions. This book introduces a series of soothing soups for various minor yet troublesome discomforts.

No bowel movements in three days? Headache or toothache after pulling an all-nighter? Hair thinning after the age of 30? Struggling to lose weight and flabby muscles? Experiencing menstrual cramps? This book has a soup to ease each symptom.

In addition, what are the benefits of drinking rice water regularly as recommended by traditional Chinese medicine? Let’s learn about its curative effects!

身體的小毛病雖不至讓人跑去看醫生,但也在不同程度影響日常生活,甚至對情緒構成負面影響。 本書針對各種微小但足以讓人困擾的痛症,介紹一系列舒緩湯水。

三天沒排便?熬夜之後出現頭痛或牙痛?年過三十後頭髮不再豐厚?怎樣減重還是不見效果,肌肉鬆垮垮的?女士有經痛問題……本書逐一對症煲湯 !

另外,為中醫所推祟的喝米水習慣,到底有甚麼益處?來瞭解一下它的療效吧 !