Strange Tales of Liao Zhai


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ISBN: 9789620710926
Publisher: The Commercial Press
Author: Pu Songling
Translator: Lu Yunzhong, Chen Tifang, Yang Liyi, Yang Zhihong
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One of the most famous and popular Chinese classics and distinctive of its kind, STRANGE TALES OF LIAOZHAI is a collection of outstanding short stories written by Pu Songling (1640-1715) in the early Qing Dynasty, with fox-fairies, flower-spirits, ghosts and goblins as the dominant theme which mirror the social conditions prevailing in China in those days.

With deep insight, a pungent style and a singular skill employing fantastic plots and vivid portrayal, this unparalleled work has been regarded as of far-reaching influence in the history of Chinese Literature.

From the original collection of 491 tales, 84 of the best and most characteristic stories are selected for translation for this edition.


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