The Defected 鐵探


Release Date: 06/10/2019
Episodes: 30


District Crime Squad Inspector SHEUNG SING (Benjamin Yuen), a rising star in the police force, is shot in the head while trying to save a colleague, which changes his entire life. Having a miraculous recovery, he works twice as hard and is dubbed “Hard-boiled cop” but suffers severe sequelae! Chief Superintendent MAN HEI-WAH (Kara Wai) of the Kowloon West Regional Police Headquarters is very ambitious, looking to become the first female Commissioner of Police. The one who shot SHEUNG SING turns out to be YAU BING-GO (Philip Keung), an undercover cop for HEI-WAH. When it comes to investigating cases for HEI-WAH, BING-GO knows no bounds. Yet, in the power struggle against another Chief Superintendent KAN KWOK-CHU (Hui Shiu Hung), HEI-WAH went back on her word, which made BING-GO so furious that he shot at HEI-WAH, but accidentally injured SHEUNG SING. The gunshot incident turns BING-GO into a defector. Shrouded in guilt towards SHEUNG SING, BING-GO secretly helps him solve cases as redemption. Being used as pawns in political power struggles, SHEUNG SING and BING-GO fortunately get helps from Chief Superintendent CHING YU-SUM (Ben Wong) of the Complaints and Internal Investigations office, vowing to end this once and for all……



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